Our Story
        Camp Springs Vineyard is started. Two hundred Vidal Blanc vines are planted.

        Second field is cleared and 650 additional Vidal Blanc vines are planted.

        First crop is harvested from field one.  Five waters road is made allowing better access to the upper fields.

        Work begins on field three.   Nine hundred  Cabernet Franc vines are planted.  Work begins on the winery, tasting room.   Over 2000 pounds of grapes are harvested from field one. 

       Vidal Blanc grapes are picked from fields 1and 2.  A little over 3000 pounds came from field 1 and 4100 pounds of grapes came off field 2. If the weather cooperates this winter, next spring and summer we should be able get around 6 or 7 thousand pounds from field 2.

    The winery was opened in Oct on the same day as the Camp Springs Herbst Tour.

        Small harvest this year caused by the summer drought.  
        First small crop of Cabernet Franc was harvested.
        First dinner hosted in December.

      Planted 50 Stueben vines below the winery
      Bottled our first oak aged white wine.

      Work begins on our kitchen.  The Chef
      we are working with is building her menu.

       The kitchen is nearly finished. 
       This summer Chef Carlye will have her menu
  Work begins on our fourth vineyard.
       We will be planting  another red wine

     Chef Carlye is hosting Saturday dinners and the new plants are in the ground. Brutal planting conditions but the new plants are looking good.

      First harvest of the St. Croix grapes.  We're going to make dry and sweet versions of this wine. 
Second field ready for planting.
Original. lower field
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