Our Wines

               White wines
                Vidal Blanc Estate Reserve
                Our dry white, tank aged.


                        Vidal Blanc Estate
                         Semi sweet white

                         Herbst Vidal Blanc
                     Our Herbst (Autumn in German) wine is a   
                          lightly oaked version of our Vidal Blanc Estate. 
                         We transfered some Estate wine into oak
                         barrels for a couple of months to get a wine that is
                         smooth with a light oak taste and nose.  It also has a
                         spicier character than the Estate.

                         Vidal Blanc                     
                         This is our sweet white wine.


                         Red Wines
                         Cabernet Franc 
                         A dry red, lightly oaked wine
                         made from grapes grown on our farm.

       dry red made from locally grown 
                        grapes. Lightly oaked so you can taste the grape


                        This is a Merlot unlike any other Merlot. 
                        It is semi sweet with just a little oak aging. 
                        You get a taste of what the Merlot grape has
                        to offer with the short amount of time we 
                        had this wine in oak barrels. 

                       Four Mile Blend
                       The blend is a mix of our dry Chambourcin (40%)
                       and sweet Vidal Blanc (60%) 
                      Stonehouse Rose is no longer available.
                     Stonehouse Rose 
                     Made from local Chambourcin grapes. We skipped
                     the skin contact step with this red grape and also
                     let the natural yeast that came in with the grapes ferment the juice. 
                     No wine yeast used. This is as old school as wine can get.
                     It has a light pink color and is sweet.


                     Fruit wines
               100% raspberry.  Goes nicely with 
                     chocolate or homemade vanilla

               Currently not available.

       Made from locally grown blueberries.and is 
                  is a seasonal wine. Please check availability


      Made from local pears. This is another of our seasonal wines.
      Currently unavailable.
      Made from honeysuckle bushes that grow along the creek by the winery.
      Currently unavailable

      Another seasonal wine made from locally grown plums.
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