Back roads Wine Trail

Northern Kentucky
Back Roads Wine Trail

Come enjoy Northern Kentucky's first wine trail.

Don't miss six unique experiences as you travel along Northern Kentucky's scenic back roads. Allow yourself plenty of time to enjoy the country atomosphere this trail has to offer-- including the historic stone houses in Campbell county, dating back to mid-1800's, and the scenic drive along the Ohio River, to the quaint town of Augusta. Each winery has their own distinct style and personality.

How It Works

Pick up your Back Roads Wine Trail VIP Passport from any winery on the trail. Bring your passport to each of the 5 wineries on the trail to receive your official validation stamp. Present your Passport at the last winery visited, with all 5 official winery validations, to receive a complimentary Northern Kentucky Back Roads Wine Trail coaster as our gift for completing the trail. (One gift per household)

Explore the back roads...

Camp Springs Vineyard and Winery

Stonebrook Winery

Atwood Hill Winery

Seven Wells Winery

Baker Bird Wine                 

Redman's farm and winery


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